Whether you need to get tested for COVID-19, want to prevent it, have a chronic form of the virus (read this interesting article here), or need to take care of someone at home who has it, we can help!

For both new and established patients of the clinic, Dr. Thomson provides telemedicine appointments.  If you are a long-term COVID patient who has chronic fatigue and other symptoms, you can benefit from in-clinic or remote IV therapy.  We'll need to get you tested before you come in to the clinic.  

COVID-19 clinic policies:


We require masks for all who enter the clinic. You'll also be asked to wash your hands, and either remove or spray down the bottoms of your shoes with disinfectant (we use Everclear:water in a 1:8 ratio).

For patients needing in-person visits for IV therapy or lab testing, we require that you have been in physical isolation for at least 2 weeks along with anyone else you are in contact with; or have recently tested negative for COVID-19 via swab, stool test, or blood antibody test and are also implementing physical isolation.


Trillium staff also wear masks and gloves. 

We have quadrupled our disinfection protocols at the clinic to ensure the safety of anyone who does come in.  

COVID-19 Resources