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I went to see Dr. Robin after a good friend posted about his journey with her and her team on his Facebook page.

I’d seen his amazing results and felt ready to make the changes I knew would be necessary to achieve my health goals. Our first visit was amazing, an engaging conversation unlike anything I’d experienced previously with the medical profession.

She was genuinely interested in me as a person, where I had come from, where I was at present and where I wanted to go.

I left with testing in process, a plan of action and a deep feeling that what I wanted to achieve was possible. At the next meeting we reviewed the test results and formulated a plan of action.

With some dietary changes, minimal supplementation and doing some exercise, I started seeing and feeling results almost immediately.

Today’s three month visit to review latest test results was nothing short of amazing:
C Reactive Protein down from 2.8 to less than .29
LDL down by 34%
Total Cholesterol down 23%

I feel reinvigorated, with amazing energy and a path to the next stage of my reinvention!
If you want to regain your health and recreate your future, I highly recommend reaching out to this team, you won’t be disappointed! -RI

Dr. Thomson has saved my daughters life! -MA

I feel like a 10/10. My hearing and vision are sharper. I feel amazing!- WO  (after Ozone and NAD+ IV Treatment)



We strive to provide customized primary care and naturopathic specialty care to patients of all ages. This included the treatment of acute and chronic illness as well as preventative medicine for the entire family.


Mold toxin illness and other biotoxin illnesses can cause an acute and/or chronic illness.  Our physicians are certified in the treatment of these illnesses, which is classified as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).


Lyme disease and co-infections are often under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as other disorders. Our physicians are skilled at diagnosing and treating acute and chronic tick-borne illness.

As naturopathic physicians, our doctors offer a variety of speciality services to all of our patients.  This includes IV Therapy, Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and more!


We are open Monday through Thursday

from 9am-5pm, and by appointment

2415 West Main Street, Suite 1

Bozeman, MT 59718


Tel: 406 - 219 - 0049

Fax: 406 - 219 - 0087

Dr. Thomson in Portland

Dr. Thomson visits Restorative Health every 8 weeks to see patients. Please contact Restorative Health to make an appointment to see her in that location. 

Link Here: Restorative Health

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