Lyme, Erlichia, Babesia, Bartonella, Powassan virus, Protomyxozoa rheumatica, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other infections can cause an acute and chronic illness.  Our physicians specialize in diagnosing and appropriately treating all stages of tick-borne disease. Whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, tick-borne illness disrupts the immune system, creates an imbalance in hormones, and creates systemic inflammation.   Even after your infection is cleared, you may have lingering inflammation that needs to be taken care of before you can return to health.


 Although there are many reasons that people have difficulty overcoming tick borne illnesses, one of the main reasons is a genetic inability to clear neurotoxins with their immune systems.  Similar to mold illness, those whose immune systems can't tag and remove toxins will keep circulating those toxins and remain ill.


Neurotoxin load causes the same symptoms as active infections.  


If you have lingering symptoms despite long-term therapy for Lyme and/or co-infections, you may have an inflammation issue and need other treatment in addition to antimicrobial therapy.


Symptoms of EITHER an active infection OR lingering inflammation from

neurotoxins made during the infection include:




Myalgia (muscle pain)

Muscle cramps 

Unusual pain 


Light sensitivity 

Blurred vision 

Sinus issues


Shortness of breath 

Abdominal pain 


Arthralgia (joint pain)

Night sweats

Memory problems

Difficulty concentrating 



Increased thirst 

Increased urination 



At all stages of your illness our physicians treat the cause of your symptoms so that you may return to optimum health. 

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