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Biotoxin Illness Symptom Checklist

Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) contacts:

Order an ERMI or HERTSMI-2 AccuCloth kit here for environmental testing of your home, office, or school:

Documentary films about biotoxin illnesses:

Under Our Skin (Lyme and coinfections)

Moldy (Mycotoxins)

Brain on Fire article by my colleague, Dr. Mary Ackerley, who is a trained psychiatrist now treating biotoxin illness.  The article explains how inflammation in the brain impacts mood and can look like psychiatric illness.

TruAge test is a new blood spot test for calculating your biological age (not chronological age!) by measuring telomere length in your chromosomes. Lets you have power over your longevity, and actually increase your life span!  Most importantly, when you increase your life span, you reduce chronic disease risk (cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, etc.)  TruAge lets you see how your health treatments likes like peptides, NAD+, and nutritional prescriptions extend your age and health.

The Walsh Institute are leading researchers in the field of brain and mood disorders using nutrient therapy as alternatives to psychiatric drugs, anti-depressants, ADD medications, and more. The research speaks for itself, and the response of Trillium patients has been profound.  See their collection of published research here.