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Chronic Illness: Beginners Repair & Restore 

(Up to 2 passes of Ozone, 125mg NAD+, with or without nutrients; peptides such as Thymosin alpha-1 and Selank)  


Used mainly for mold toxin illness, chronic infections, and other chronic illnesses.  As with any powerful treatment, it’s best to start low and slow: for example, we typically start with 2 passes of ozone, plenty of nutrients (C, B's, Mg, and more on an individual basis) to help your cells make energy, followed by low dose NAD+ to jump-start detox in a safe but effective manner.  Peptides can be added to give an additional boost to immunity. We see how you do, and increase the ozone and NAD+ as much as possible with each subsequent treatment. This way you get the maximum benefit every step of the way.

Chronic Illness: Advanced Repair & Restore

(Ozone 3+ Passes, NAD+ 250-1000mg, with nutrients and peptides such as Thymosin alpha-1 and Selank)  

Ozone, NAD+ and nutrients are given to speed healing from biotoxin illness, chronic viruses, mental emotional issues, and other health challenges.  Peptides continue to boost immune function and augment detox.  These are important for getting your brain, hormones, inflammation, and detox pathways back on-line!  We give maximum doses here for maximum benefit. (Required: start with Beginners Repair and Restore.)

Pure Energy

(Nutrients such as B’s, C, NAD+, glutathione, and IV ozone with peptides Thymosin alpha-1, CJC1295, Ipamorelin)

Looking for a non-caffeinated jolt? Deposit much-needed energy back into your system by giving your mitochondria what they need to make energy molecules.


Adrenal Boost

(Nutrients such as B’s, C, Mg, Zinc and theanine, with peptides like Selank)

Break free from stress and compulsive thinking. A mindful place to reset and focus on what matters in life, including a cortisol re-set and a pathway to a relaxed mind.


Kick the Bug

(High dose vitamin C, l-lysine for viruses, 10-pass ozone, and peptide options such as Thymosin alpha-1, Thymosin alpha-4, Selank, and LL37)

For taking down whatever infection ails you in three rounds or less. Improved immune function allows you to take back your stamina, and used proactively can allow you to win fights against a variety of acute and chronic viruses and bacterial pathogens you will come across.


Longevity Plus

(NAD+, Myer’s Cocktail, with peptides such as 5-amino 1MQ, BPC 157, FGL, Thymosin alpha-1)

There’s a reason we don’t heal as quickly as we age, including the natural shrinking of our thymus glands and the gradual depletion of NAD+. Memory is degraded by the gradual accumulation of toxins that deplete our brain cells. This treatment restores your cell health and allows you to die young at an old age.  Telomere length test soon available to show that your biological age actually increases with treatment!


Happiness Upgrade

(Nutrients such as zinc, selenium, B6, vitamin C, and Mg, with peptides like Selank)

For bathing your brain in serotonin, dopamine and GABA without side effects.  Elevates your mood while calming the anxiety that can keep you stuck in your head.  Nutrients are based on the Walsh protocol for mood disorders and based on lab testing, so your nutrient formula is unique to your needs. Selank is a powerful peptide for stress, anxiety, and depression, and also has immune benefits.


PTSD Purge

(Nutrients, NAD+, and ketamine)

PTSD, either from chronic stress or an acute event, responds well to NAD+ and ketamine in combination by resetting the connection between the brain and the adrenal glands. Number of treatment rounds required averages 6, but range from 1-10. Some people benefit from occasional boosters 1-2 times per year.  Get rid of your triggers and live a calmer and happier life.