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Whether you are interested in addressing an acute or chronic condition or just needed annual screening and preventative therapies to maintain your health, we can assist you. We employ all standard conventional diagnostic tools including physical examination, laboratory tests, and imaging. We may utilize additional physical and laboratory procedures to assess nutritional status, metabolic function, and/or toxic load to assure any treatment plan is comprehensive and customized to address your needs. 

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Adrenal Fatigue

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Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a special naturopathic medical technique that greatly improves recovery from many illnesses, both acute and chronic.  It helps to normalize circulation, soothe the nervous system, stimulate detoxifying and eliminative processes, strengthen and heal the digestive system and stimulate the immune system and "vital force." This therapy is subtle yet very powerful with virtually no potential for harm when performed by a qualified practitioner.


The treatment consists of alternating applications of hot and cold towels to the abdomen and back, which aids in detoxification by stimulating the organs of digestion and elimination.  It takes 45-60 minutes per treatment.


We use constitutional hydrotherapy for fatigue, pain, insomnia, mood disorders, high blood pressure, Lyme and other tick-born infections, mold toxin illness (to aid in detoxification), weight loss, and acute upper respiratory infections.

Scientific Evidence  Research shows that constitutional hydrotherapy raises a low basal body temperature, moderates low or high blood sugar and blood pressure. Hydrotherapy researchers have shown that a reflex increase in blood flow occurs in internal organs when the circulation to the overlying skin is stimulated. This internal reaction is responsible for the long lasting and cumulative effects of a series of hydrotherapy treatments. Research has further shown that the beneficial effects on the immune system last for up to 24 hours making this a very effective therapy for any disorder involving immune function. Considerably, 2-8 hours after a single hydrotherapy treatment, one can expect to find an increase in white blood cells at an average of 10,000 more cells in circulation. Thus, constitutional hydrotherapy is a rapid way to boost your immune function and fight any infection. One study demonstrates that hydrotherapy will boost immune function, eliminate excess fluid, and reduce the incidence of colds and flu by 50%.

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