Conditions Treated

Chronic conditions such as Mold Illness, Lyme and Related Infections, Chronic Fatigue, Viral Infections, Autoimmune Diseases

Specialized lab testing and detailed history-taking are used to evaluate these types of conditions. Detoxification and step-by-step resolution of lab markers are employed, along with nutrient therapy (oral and  IV), hormone support, and lifestyle changes.  IV NAD+ and 10-pass ozone therapy, along with several cutting-edge peptides, have a big impact on detoxification, treating microbes, and restoring energy, brain function, and mood.

Weight Loss, Hormones, Anti-aging, Health Optimization

Dr. Thomson uses blood tests to evaluate hormone issues for both men and women, including sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and others. Lab testing for blood sugar, cardiovascular health, and nutrient status are also important to evaluate these conditions.  Anti-aging responds especially well to IV NAD+ therapy, peptides and more, while weight loss is achieved with diet therapy, peptides and specialized hormones.

Mental-Emotional Issues, Brain Health

Anxiety, depression, ADD, bipolar disorder, PTSD and related conditions respond well to resolving certain types of nutrient deficiencies. Deficiencies are corrected with with IV or oral supplementation.  Anxiety and stress also respond very well to certain peptides.  Memory loss, brain fog and fatiguecan be improved by IV NAD+ therapy, peptides, and more.

Digestion Issues, Food Sensitivities, Allergies

Dr. Thomson utilizes specialized testing to evaluate the cause of digestive complaints as well as to evaluate antibodies to foods. Diet, nutrient, and antimicrobial therapies, if needed, are tailored to your individual microbiome to resolve your complaints.  Allergy symptoms that show up as skin rashes, ear infections, chronic headaches and other complaints respond especially well to evaluation and treatment of digestive imbalances.

And more!